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Novocrane product service center has enthusiastic, professional, and strong technical support and service team, service network all over the country, rich on-site construction experience, guaranteed and quick spare parts supply. We implement “safe, professional, and quick” standardized services, and strictly follow the requirements of the quality management system and country safety regulations, provide each customer with a complete lifting equipment service solution, and keep creating value for customers.

Service Support
Urgent Maintenance

Crane is an important part in production, logistics, and transportation. If a crane is out-of-order, it will cause huge downtime cost, even seriously affect the production and delivery time. When your crane breaks down, please contact our service center, our service vehicles are equipped with professional maintenance tools, and service staff, will provide in-time service for you, and finish your maintenance tasks as soon as possible.

Be urgent to customers’ urgency, think what customers’ think, Novocrane’s service engineers in every major regions and cities across the country, will response immediately and arrange the nearest service engineer to go to customer’s site for processing.

Service Support
Intelligent Upgrade

Due to the change of your production line; due to the change of your workshop function; due to the upgrade of your system; due to the change in technique specification requirements of your crane; due to your crane can’t pass the annual inspection; due to your factory move, etc; due to the change in the laws and regulations of special equipment requires the re-evidence of the crane; If you encounter any of above problems, please contact us without hesitation.

Why should the original crane be upgraded intelligently?

1、Improve the handling performance of lifting

2、Transform crane to meet current production requirements

3、Meet new industry or safety standards

4、Avoid frequent failures

5、Save costs, no need to re-purchase a crane

6、The crane model is too old to purchase parts

7、Reduce the energy consumption of equipment

Service Support
Spare Parts

Novocrane’s self-produced spare parts ensure the safety and reliability of product use. At the same time, the spare part warehouse we established in the headquarter of Novocrane in Suzhou, can meet customers’ requirements in time.

Service Support
Online Training

Novocrane provides you with a complete training plan

Training includes: product training / safe operation training/ equipment maintenance training / technical knowledge training / standard legal and regulatory training

Novocrane training center with complete facilities, provides you with comprehensive training courses, and continuously expands the training content through actual machine operation, to ensure that participants complete all course objectives, and improve your staff’s ability to standardize the operation and maintenance of your lifting equipment, thereby improve production efficiency, and create higher value for you. We can also make training plans according to your on-site needs.

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